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Sealing Wax Melting Spoon

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Wax Melting Spoon Australia

Sign & Seal

Sealing Wax Melting Spoon

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When I first started to think about spoons I didn't think it was going to be so hard.  It's a spoon - what's the big deal? 

Apparently quite a lot.  If the metal is too thick it takes foooooreeeeveeeer to melt the wax.  You don't want the bowl to be too big - too much wax sticks to the sides and you don't get enough wax pouring out, too small and you're in real trouble.  Burning hot handle anyone?  

After some extensive spoon testing, it is with great delight that I give you the perfect wax melting spoon.

  • Perfectly sized 'bowl'
  • Thin metal so the wax heats quickly
  • Spout so you can direct the wax exactly where you need it to go
  • Wooden handle that won't get hot
  • And it's super cute
6 reviews
  • Amazing 5

    Posted by Anonymous on 10 May 2023

    It’s so easy to use, don’t need any fancy equipment. The craftsmanship is flawless. 10/10 would definitely buy from again.

  • Fantastic! 5

    Posted by Chad Atkinson on 29 Jan 2023

    Great product. Great service. Great price. This is a business I am very happy to continue supporting. Thank you, Christine

  • So much effort was put into this design! 5

    Posted by Olivia Watson on 08 Jan 2022

    The experience I had was amazing. Christine put so much time and effort into making my wax seal stamp absolutely perfect! At times I felt like a bit of an annoying customer for being so particular with the design of my stamp. But Christine was so kind and reassuring. She went to great lengths to ensure the design was exactly what I wanted and communicated clearly with me throughout the entire process. As soon Christine completed the design and checked that I was happy with it, she posted it off immediately so I could receive it before Christmas - the postage was super quick! Overall, I am so happy with the quality and service provided by Sign & Seal and would recommend it to anyone.

  • A Lovely Thing to Work With 5

    Posted by Ebony Newstead on 08 Jan 2022

    This little gizmo is delightful to use! The wooden handle is a beautiful detail and combined with the metal, flame and melted wax, it's as close as you'll come to feeling like an alchemist. A lovely little thing.

  • Exactly as described 5

    Posted by Emily on 25 Aug 2021

    This melting spoon is exactly as described. It is a great product and works perfectly

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